The Ultimate Heatmap reportWhen I was at Elite Retreat last month, I got a chance to speak with Allen Baler, who is simply an all-around good guy, and who gave me a lot of great ideas and advice. The piece of advice that I’d like to pass along comes in the form of a report that shows you where on your website’s page to put your ads to maximize the revenue.

Researched and written by Internet marketing consultant Michael Campbell and dubbed the “Ultimate Heatmap“, this amazing report shows with screenshots where on your page to place your ads for maximum clicks and hence maximum income. Michael spent his money and time to perform this research, gather the data and write up the results and has generously provided this amazing report for free on his blog.

After reading through, we made just one little change with one of our ads on Gizmos for Geeks, and found an immediate increase in the CTR on that block that went from 0.5% to over 1.0%. That’s essentially double and nothing to sneeze at.

Please also check out Allen’s business, Reboot Fulfillment, which will take your info product and turn it into a printed book, DVD and/or CD. Data has shown repeatedly that you can easily turn your ebook or other digital download into a physical upsell that is almost purely profit, so it’s worth checking out.